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Holistic & Metaphysical Wellness Center and retail store in West Chicago, IL. Balancing these elements can help one attain mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Singing Bowls, Vibrational Sound Therapies & Instruments, Reiki, Crystals, Essential Oils, Incense.
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Every retreat can be customized to as much or as little as you desire, We offer one session, one day, or a full retreat! You are welcome to participate in a la carte sessions, a pre-designed retreat or a personally customized retreat. Here are some of our offerings:. Package 1: One Day to Yay! Package 2: Jump Start! Perfect if you are new to personal growth or just need a renewal!

This core retreat will jumpstart your emotional and spiritual healing, and provide you with greater clarity and a practice for self-mastery. Package 3: Soul-ution Essentials! Reboot for the Body Mind and Spirit! Seeking clarity and growth?

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Going through a transition? Just been through hell and back? This essential mind, body, spirit retreat will give you a powerful understanding, skill set and abilities to heal your relationships, access the Soul-utions with in you, make peace with your past and step boldly into your future. Package 4: Soul-utions for Relationships! Whether your relationship just needs a tune up, an overhaul or a major renovation, we can assist you!

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This retreat will open your eyes and your heart. There really is no way out but through…but once you have gone through the eye of the needle you will come out the other side to live, love and laugh again. Click here to see more retreat packages.

Eve, Larissa, and Hoku were amazing. We both felt lighter after we left and received a lot of clarity. She brings not only a joyful, full-of-life, huge smile personality, but vast pragmatic experience, meaningful stories and examples that all can relate to, and a command understanding of her relationship consultation specialty. I would highly recommend Eve and her staff at Heart Path Journeys on Maui to anyone who may need some fine tuning.

The Well-Worn Path: a Journey of Personal Discovery and Individual Destiny

It will be the time of their life. It was powerful and amazing. Now we are working on our marriage. For more testimonials click here. Her work bridges the gap between the head and heart so the two work in alignment instead of opposition. By offering skills and tools, sharing stories and wisdom, Eve will guide and empower you to master your self and your life—joyfully.

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Eve will work with you to create your perfect Sacred Maui Retreat itinerary. Eve is also an avid photographer and the majority of the pictures on the site were taken by her …real people, real retreats.

Backpacking Meghalaya - Teaser - A Journey on the Unbeaten Path

Heart Path Journeys offers sessions and private retreats for individuals, couples, families and small groups on personal growth, relationships, healing, spirituality, self-mastery, and wellness, on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Maui offers a diverse and beautiful backdrop for growth, health and wellness.

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From the Actions menu on the Journey reports page, you can copy a report as a new report. You can then modify it and save it with a new name. Satisfy all below applies AND logic to the filter processing.

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Events must meet all of the listed filter conditions to be included in the results. Satisfy any below applies OR logic to the filter processing. Events that meet any of the listed filter conditions are included in the results. Note: If your path includes both a starting interaction and an ending interaction, you do not need to specify a look-back or look-forward range.