Guide Down to Africa: An American Teenager in Southern Africa, 1976-1978

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He served until May 4, Swanson d. They planned to use gene splicing to create a genre of medicines. His body was ashore later in the year off the coast of Uruguay, but was not identified until Her body has never been found. Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo later believed she was among hundreds of dissidents killed after giving birth in captivity, and whose babies were raised by military or police families. In he was succeeded by Heng Samrin. He was tortured and spent 9 years in prison.

The Red Guerrilla Family was suspected. Smith b. Organizer and anthropologist Ben Finney wanted to prove the trip was possible. They reached Tahiti after 34 days despite issues of ethnicity raised by part of the crew.

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He became famous for his attempt to assassinate dictator George Papadopoulos on 13 August , and also for the torture that he was subjected to during his detention. The earthquake killed more than 1, people in a 3,square-mile area and left 80, homeless. City supervisors agreed to take Propositions E and K off the June ballot. A breath test measured his blood-alcohol level at.

D6 www. A show in featured his work and an accompanying book was published that covered his Nordic classicism of the s to the completion of his Finlandia Hall in Helsinki in W11C www. She was stabbed 13 times. Their bullet-riddled bodies were found days later along with those of suspected rebels suspected guerrillas William Whitelaw and Rosario Barredo. John of the Cross in Potrero Hill. In police using DNA evidence arrested and charged James Lee Mayfield 63 , a registered sex offender with her murder.

There were 22 survivors. The series continued in the Chronicle until and was serialized in the Examiner in This was the 1st commercial supersonic transport SST. Stephen Spurrier, English owner of a wine shop and wine school in Paris, held a competition tasting of French and American wines. In George M. Ford signed the Medical Device Amendments which established a product approval process overseen by the Food and Drug Administration FDA with the authority to regulate medical devices.

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  • Johnny Clegg dies at 66; South African musician broke barriers.
  • Sales of silicone breast implants, already on the market, were allowed to continue without proof of safety. Mitchell, died in New York. Her father Emilio Mignone d. He also founded the Center for Legal and Social Studies. He wrote "Dictatorship and the Church," in which he criticized the inaction of the church during the "dirty war. Juan Jose Torres b. He was a victim of the Condor Plan, a South American military pact between Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay to exchange intelligence information and help each other hunt down suspected leftists.

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    It was agreed that only 24 British vessels would be allowed in the mile zone and four conservation areas would be completely closed to the British. Farley b. Juan Maria Bordaberry b. Uruguay remained under the control of a right-wing dictatorship until In Bordaberry was arrested for the murder of opposition leaders in He had been working on an alleged Mafia story at the time of his death.

    Ambassador Francis E. Meloy, Jr.

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    The two had been en route to a meeting with Lebanese president-elect Elias Sarkis when they were abducted by Muslim guerillas in Beirut. Students at Morris Isacson High School in Soweto had marched to protest a new rule that called for Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. Photographer Sam Nzima took an iconic image of a black high school student carrying a fatally wounded fellow pupil away from the gunfire of apartheid police. This was the first recorded case by the serial offender who came to be called the East Area Rapist.

    He was later believed responsible for 12 killings and over 45 rapes over the next 10 years. His last known crime was a murder in Irvine on May 5, They confirmed that clocks in gravitational fields of differing strengths do not keep the same time. He was buried in Boneventure Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. The round fight was scored as a draw. Some spectators asked for their money back. It was hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and a German radical group.

    The hijackers released non-Israeli passengers after the plane landed in Uganda. French pilot Michel Bacos d. Air Force Academy. A18 www. The Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was not inherently cruel or unusual. TMC, , p. It was established to tell the story of the American Jewish experience. E15 www. A total of 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed during the raid.

    She had been stabbed over 50 times. He was already serving a 25 year to life sentence for rape and robbery.

    West Point Military Academy admitted women out of a class of Four years later 62 women graduated. It produced a cloud of Dioxin which settled over several adjacent communities. The people exposed became nauseated, experienced eye and throat irritations, developed burn-like sores on exposed skin, headaches, dizziness and diarrhea -- the same symptoms recorded by exposed Vietnamese and Cambodian populations. In the next two days, small animals in the area began to die.

    The contamination led to a high incidence of birth defects. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was confined at a state mental hospital.

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    A5 www. His corpse found two days later in a car sunk in the Canal del Carmen in the Piramide sector of Santiago de Chile. School Children in Chowchilla, CA. The 26 children were herded into a moving van that was buried in a quarry near Livermore, Ca. The children escaped after 16 hours and their captors were captured within 2 weeks. The men were sentenced to life in prison. Richard Schoenfeld turned himself in after 6 days. James was captured in Menlo Park and Woods was captured in Vancouver. East Timor became the 27th province of the Republic of Indonesia.

    The act was not recognized by the UN. A-9 www. The heist spawned several books and movies. In it was revealed that members of the East German team had taken performance-enhancing drugs. Murias was shut inside the El Chamical air base and two days later was found lying in the middle of a field dead, with his eyes gouged out and his hands cut off.

    African South Africans' June 16th 1976 Revolt—Sad Times, Bad Times—A Luta Kontinua! AMANDLA! POWER!

    The disease was first identified after an outbreak at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. It was identified as Legionella pneumophila and found to infest water systems in general and the hotel ventilation system in this case. Tanaka was convicted in but continued to fight the charges. Carl Kotchian d.