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R | 1h 20min | Horror, Thriller | 11 November (Canada) The thirty and something years old psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Goodman has an incurable brain tumor that has just started to grow. 25 Best Canadian Horror Films Of All Time.
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Mixed or average reviews based on 6 Ratings. Summary: In this taut psychological thriller, psychiatrist Samantha Goodman decides to spend a quiet weekend at her winter cottage with her husband and younger sister. But a surprise visit from a former patient changes everything. Fabrication Films. Director: Paul Fox. Genre s : Sci-Fi , Thriller , Horror.

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Rating: R. Runtime: 80 min. See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Critic Reviews.

The Dark Hours

Stephen Cole. In classic B-movie style, The Dark Hours was created in a fever, written in two weeks and hurriedly shot in 16 mm blown into a crisp 35 mm print.

Nevertheless, the film provides evidence of talent everywhere. Read full review. Jeremy Knox. The Dark Hours is one of those rare gems out of Canada.

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Derek Elley. The Dark Hours surmounts some of the problems of its weak dialogue through a commanding performance by lead Kate Greenhouse and some grisly, genre-style violence.

Jeannette Catsoulis. A cold and moody psychodrama poised frustratingly on the border between novel and banal.

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The dark hours

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